Investigating integration of MS Dynamics and SharePoint

We have been asked by several customers over the past year about the potential of integrating Microsoft products such as MS Dynamics and SharePoint with Housing Management Systems.

After a significant investment in R&D, we’re delighted to say that we are now working with a number of clients to succesfully deliver real-time integrations using MS Dynamic, Exchange and SharePoint.

Our next phase is to create a set of standard interfaces that will synchronise tenancy, property and personal data allowing you to define the boundaries to where the functionality behind a process should sit, i.e. which is the most appropriate application for it.

Properly synchronised data is incredibly valuable as it allows document metadata to be called up in SharePoint from multiple sources e.g. using standard screens to return documents at the click of a button. It’s still early days for us but the results we have seen to date have been very promising.

We’re confident that not only can we provide viable integrations solutions incorporating the Microsoft application platforms, these can also deliver new functionality that hasn’t previously been available.