Providing the platform for end-to-end digital sign-up

Many organisations already have the building blocks in place to deliver a true end-to-end digital sign-up process. Where they hit a barrier is in successfully joining up all of these blocks to actually deliver the service.

Manifest Software Solutions is working with self-service and mobile providers to make all of the pieces fit for our customers and has a number of projects underway.

Key to the success of these projects is using the Universal Adapter to allow data collected on websites and mobile solutions to move your customers through the application process right to the point of signing a tenancy agreement, without the need for manual entry of duplicate data.

The Universal Adapter has the ability to stage data at any point in the process, so when it comes to filling in those all-important forms to ensure a compliant process in an electronic format it is less labour intensive for both the customers and your employees. There’s no compromise on data accuracy either.

Concerns about the use of electronic signatures are also unfounded: this article gives a clear and concise summary.

We have pilot projects due to complete end-to-end testing in September so look out for news on what we are sure will be successful projects.