DW Connect – Data Warehouse

Powered by the Universal Adapter, making your data more meaningful

What do I need to know about data warehousing?

Data warehouses are typically used to correlate broad business data
and provide greater executive insight into corporate performance.

How is a data warehouse different from a regular database?

Data warehouses use a different design from standard operational databases. Data warehouses give a long-range view of data over time,
rather than focusing on maintenance of strict accuracy of data with rapid, real time updates. Data warehouses trade off transaction volume and
instead specialise in data aggregation.

DW Connect iPad screenshot

Universal Adapter real time monitor:

Timing and visibility are key to interfacing an end-to-end repairs project. Systems must be synchronised in the correct sequence for the data to flow correctly. The UA allows your business to proactively monitor the flow of data and will alert when there are issues which need to be dealt with. The UA can pause process threads when required, to allow for intervention via the UA web console to review any issues, before rejoining the process from the same point.


  • Proactive monitoring and audit trail
  • Efficiencies in administration time from decreased need to examine interface logs
  • Reduced switching between application screens for customer contact centre
  • Self-service portal can share interface platform allowing business process replication through alternative digital channels

Process Map

The Universal Adapter controls all the data flow from the relevant applications in real time where appropriate. Transactional audit trail ensures compliance can be fully maintained throughout.
Implementation of a true end-to-end digital process enhances the end-user experience for your staff and clients alike.

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