TM Connect – Tenants Management

Universal Adapter enables your mobile tenancy management

Liberate your housing management team

Manifest Software Solutions has an unrivalled track record of mobilising end-to-end business processes with either your existing mobile solution or a new application you may be looking to purchase. The key to our success lies with the flexibility of the Universal Adaptor to provide the integration platform combined with our sector-specific knowledge. We deliver applications that extend your mobile offering beyond a traditional repairs-based application, allowing your team to deliver services on the doorstep which simply have not been possible before without extensive development costs.

Unlock your full potential and benefit from:

  • Data Entry – Reduce and control data entry, saving time and ensuring data accuracy
  • Manage your processes – Ensure your processes are compliant with your own guidelines and are fully completed avoiding repeat visits
  • Improved productivity – no need to return to the office as workload can be allocated for days or even weeks at a time
  • Improve client satisfaction – Interact with your clients in an informed way with modern digital transactions

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