Improving customer satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction is an essential indicator for many housing associations. The Universal Adapter was utilised to excellent effect in a project with Mosscare, increasing the number of completed repair satisfaction surveys by 75%. 

The Challenge

The Mosscare Housing Group (Mosscare) owns and manages 5,000 homes in Manchester, Stockport, Tameside and Trafford and its vision is to “achieve excellence in all we do”. 

Carrying out 30,000 repairs every year, the housing organisation needed to gain a better insight into customer satisfaction on its repairs service. 

Historically, a paper satisfaction survey form was posted out to tenants for return to the repairs team. Once received, data was manually entered onto an electronic record. Disappointingly, only 10% of surveys were ever completed and returned.   

Our challenge was therefore to improve the overall process and increase the number of surveys that were completed and returned, as well as remove the need for manual data entry.  

Our Solution

In this instance, a mobile application for repairs was already in use but it wasn’t giving Mosscare the necessary flexibility, and numerous surveys were coming back with errors.  

Manifest Software Solutions integrated the functionality of the existing App with the Universal Adapter, so that all data would be instantly collected on a handheld device, with all data validated to avoid duplication. What’s more, by completing surveys via a handheld device, the repairs team could receive instant feedback and act on it.  

Our Results

Ultimately, implementation of the UA has boosted business performance, without impacting on day to day operations. 

  • 75% increase in completed repair surveys from 10% to 85% 
  • ROI of £40,000 achieved 
  • Project delivered on time and on budget 
  • Significant improvement to user experience. 

As well as a dramatic increase in completed surveys, return is also far quicker with surveys now being collected on a daily basis 

If a customer highlights a concern with the repair, an email alert is now immediately sent to the team, with all customer insight recorded in a PDF. This alone has seen a large increase in customer satisfaction levels.  

Mani's results