Streamlining customer services

Universal Adapter combines Microsoft Exchange Mail Server and Business Process Management system to streamline customer services.

The Challenge 

Saxon Weald owns and manages 6,200 homes across Sussex and Hampshire. As part of its mission to deliver high standards of customer service, Saxon Weald is committed to answering all customer queries promptly – whether the customer has contacted the business by phone or email. 

Investment in the CRM system over the past two years has seen the company improve their phone call response, answering phone calls within an average of 17 seconds. At the same time, 90% of phone queries were resolved at first point of contact and satisfaction levels were very high. Saxon Weald wanted to achieve the same level of customer services quality with email exchanges.  

However, the Housing Management CRM system in place wasn’t capable of logging email correspondence with customers. Saxon Weald wanted a solution which would build on the existing CRM system and the investment it had already made into it, and provide the same high standards of customer service by email as by phone.  

Our Solution

In brief, Manifest Software Solutions used the Universal Adapter to integrate Saxon Weald’s Exchange Mail Server, provided by Microsoft, and the CRM system so that emails could be centrally managed, filed and tracked. 

On investigation, we came up with the idea of embedding a Microsoft Exchange Outlook email ticketing system within the CRM system. The Universal Adapter helped the customer to capture all inbound and outbound email transactions and file them on the customer dashboard along with all customer contact history. 

By using Microsoft Exchange Outlook, we reduced the need for third party licensing and staff did not have to be extensively retrained as they were already familiar with Outlook’s functionality. 



This updated system created further efficiencies by allowing the customer services team to input information via single screen instead of switching between two separate ones.  

The Universal Adapter provided the platform to deliver the connection into Microsoft Exchange in conjunction with the use of the Housing Management System Business Project Management system. 

We surpassed the original project plan by delivering a fully functional interface and user experience. 

Our Results 

This project was a first in the two-way integration of a CRM system with Microsoft Exchange Outlook. 

Emails to and from customer services are now filed in work tray items ensuring that customer service targets can be met, and all communications can be monitored with a full audit trail. 

Where previously emails may have stayed in Exchange mailboxes and been invisible to the wider organisation, now all staff with the required level of permissions can view email conversations with customers ensuring continuity when dealing with their enquiries. 

This integration, only possibly with the Universal Adapter, has helped to dramatically improve customer service levels, has removed the need for third-party licenses and improved transparency of operations across the organisation. 

Mani's results