Working with HACT to help organisations meet the UK Housing Data Standard

Who are Manifest Software Solutions?

We’re the only dedicated systems integrator in the UK housing sector. We’ve developed an integration toolkit called the Universal Adapter, which has been successful implemented with over 30 organisations of all sizes across the sector so far.

Every project is different so we work in close collaboration with internal business improvement teams to scope out and deliver projects that transform the way you use your data.

As a result, we have already created numerous versions of the Universal Adaptor, to connect specific applications used in different tasks, including:

  • GS Connect – allowing your gas servicing team to manage workflow and compliance on the move
  • TM Connect – for fully mobile tenancy management, including sign ups and records management
  • RM Connect – integrating your housing management software with your DLO or contractor systems
  • DC Connect – facilitating online communications on a single platform between HA landlords, leaseholders and tenants

Our portfolio of connectors continues to grow, and we are always keen to apply our experience and insight to new processes.

We have developed our products to allow customers to maximise their investment by integrating existing systems, rather than replacing them.

Our independent status means that we can also embrace emerging technologies and help new vendors to enter the sector as we are not tied to any particular software vendors.

At Manifest Software Solutions, our primary goal is to help your organisation to achieve digital transformation.